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MOVIS Logistics Ltd.,
No.1 MOVIS Bureau,
PLOT # IND/A/36/2B,
Off Harbour Road,
Heavy Industrial Area, Community 9,
Tema - Ghana.

MOVIS Logistics offer transportation of substances capable of posing a risk to health, safety or the environment. We ensures safety, environmental protection and regulatory compliance from pick up to delivery.

We take precautionary measures in making sure we transport in a safe risk free manner such as:

  • Transport hazardous chemicals in recommended and approved vehicles.
  • Take and complete regular approved and recommended training programmes.
  • Prepare emergency plans for actions  to be taken in case of accidents, fire, leakage or spillage of hazardous chemicals.
  • Record all quantities of hazardous chemicals transported including dates, names and addresses of the suppliers .
  • Transport hazardous chemicals along approved and recommended routes.


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